The Public Art Program of the Times Square Alliance has established the “Times Square Arts” blog to provide a public method to comment on the artworks and art events in the Times Square distict.  We look forward to your thoughts. 

Glenn Weiss
Manager of Public Art and Design
Times Square Alliance


One response to “Welcome

  1. Mr. Weiss,

    My name is marcoANTONIO. I am a Cuban American artist working in NYC. I work at TIME magazine and Sports Illustrated, and in doing so I have walked down 42nd St. countless times in the last 11 years.

    Something happened the other morning while walking to the Port Authority Bus Terminal…

    I was struck by the wonderful, playful and realistic mural by Sofia Maldonado. What engaged me was the expressive quality of her lines which are fantastic in their own right and when viewed from afar are the wistful constructs of her unique women. These woman ARE NOT the airbrushed light-skinned digitally altered representations of beauty which bombard us at every turn. In print and billboards. Hers were modest hard working women who did not aspire to the norms that society created for us – as one size fits all. These women depicted were REAL women that are underrepresented and are part of their own world yet reside in ours.

    I applaud you, the Times Square Alliance and the Artist Sofia Maldonado for giving viewers a chance to see something wholly original, whimsical in nature yet poignant in its simplicity and social commentary.

    I know this mural has been the focus of some recent controversy, which is why I write. Real Art provokes thought and is not universally acclaimed by all. This mural is probably one of the best I have seen on public display and is at the right place at the right time. Let people discuss it and have their opinions about it. But make no mistake about it- Sofia Maldonado has created a beautiful work that has reached a large audience and made people THINK.

    All artists should be as lucky to be given such an opportunity.



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